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Search Engine Optimized Content

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New logo on the side of the van and the company’s Christmas party in Tallinn are hardly the first things that interest your potential customer unless your company sells van lettering and logos and Christmas parties.

Welcome to the Wonderland of Content Marketing

I Want to Appear on Google

Google’s top spots are congested. Over the last decade, almost every small sweatshop has done content production and search engine optimization with dollar signs in their eyes. At the same time, Google is optimizing its services to generate more and more profits. This appears to ordinary Google users as an increase in paid search results and ads based on Google’s data showing outside of Google search.

Organic Visibility

There are still a few free organic search results between ads on the Google search page. Google’s algorithms rank these based on whether the content behind the links is valued enough based on the information Google collects and whether the content provides an answer to the search terms used.

Keyword Mapping

The first task before writing is to look for words and phrases which are used for searching your services on Google. From these, you select suitable ones to be used in the titles and in the content itself. With keywords, you can plan little tactics and think about whether you should use the most searched terms, where your competitors are already in the top positions, or whether there are search terms used almost equally often that your competitors don’t use so much yet.

Search Behavior of Your Target Audience

People use a variety of devices and technologies to search for stuff from Google. Textual content needs to take into account how your customers speak to Siri and what wording they prefer when typing on the phone. You also need to understand their search intent, that is, what they actually want to find. Responding to the intent is an important factor in whether a visitor stays on your site or turns back to Google search to find more relevant content.

Storytelling and Personality

For years, hollow text full of keywords has no longer been a shortcut to happiness. Google counts the time spent on the pages, and the content must keep the visitor hooked as tight as possible. One of the most important components of Google optimization is to write natural sounding easy-to-read text. And if possible, the text should include personality and storytelling.

Give the Customer What Belongs to the Customer

Your customers seek information from multiple sources before making a purchase decision. This means that it is good for you to be the most comprehensive and reliable source of information. This is how your website will help you make profits here and now and at the same time create a foundation and confidence in the awareness of your potential future customers.

Website Text Content

Website text content can be guides, tips, industry knowledge, product presentations, blogs, news, videos, webinars, customer stories, success stories, surveys, etc.
Think about what your customer is interested in and what their needs are.

Planned Content Production

Negligence creates nothing but a**hole kids and websites that crawl alone in the corner.


The basis for the design of textual content is to provide added value to the reader and to guide the reader to the next step towards the creation of a customer relationship. Even the smallest action done by the visitor on the site creates the first little steps toward the deal to manifest. Whether it’s filling out a form, watching a video, or just clicking a link and progressing in the sales funnel.

A Unified Corporate Look

Developing the corporate image of a small business does not have to be a Process. The main thing is that you can find a unified visual personality, color scheme and fonts. And you remember to stick to them when doing marketing and business communications. This leaves a memory footprint for quickly passing potential new customers and keeps things familiar to old customers.

Content on Social Media

In content production, you must remember to maintain the underlying idea of ​​how to get the audience to share this on social media. The first social media posts are usually done by the entrepreneur him/herself, and it is the right thing to do. All traffic to the website brings extra points. However, when making content, it is good to be able to step into the boots of a potential customer for a moment and think about what moves in the twilight of customer’s mind when he decides to share an article or news he has read in his news feed.

The text is easier to read when it’s broken down with pictures. A smiling face is a classic that always works.

Content Marketing Requires the Character of a Gardener

With content marketing and search engine optimization, the right Zen-type attitude saves you from unnecessary stress. Remember that continuous content production and tweaking produce long-term results. When optimization is fed and nurtured properly, customers and better rankings in search results will gradually begin to flow in.

Monitoring the results of content marketing can seem very confusing and the impact of individual measures on customer flow is often difficult to prove. However, this feeling of insecurity is worth embracing because when done well, the results of content marketing are staggering.

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