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Google Marketing Pays Off

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Keyword advertising puts your business at the top of Google search results.

Why Are Google Search Ads a Success Format?

This is because Google Ads serves both you and your customers. Your business gets more traffic to your pages, and customers find the right products and services on Google search just when they need them. With Google ads, you meet the needs of your customers in a way that doesn’t bother them.

Google Ads is one of the most effective ways to increase the conversion rate and productivity of your website and online store.

The Right Ads at the Right Time

Precise targeting and the interaction between your ads and your website or ecommerce site will ensure that your customers find what they’re looking for right in the first search results.

Google Shopping

The absolute number one tool for online merchants on Google. Google Shopping campaigns display the products and product information of your online store directly on the Google search page.

Product images from the Google Shopping campaign will help more potential customers click on your ads. The more clicks you get, the more paying customers there will be.

Google Discovery Ads

This newcomer on Google Ads platform is showing interactive image ads to Google Discover users. And as everyone knows the picture says more.

Discovery ads appear also on Youtube and other Google services such as Gmail.

Google Discovery ads are more powerful and compelling than traditional text-based Google ads. Google has calculated that Google Discovery ads have up to 30 percent higher clickthrough rates than text ads. Discovery ads help advertisers tell a story and give customers a better idea of ​​what the product does and how it could be useful in their lives.

YouTube Ads

Finns are diehard users of YouTube and there is domestic content for every go. With video ads and Display ads on YouTube, you can reach your potential customers in a highly targeted way.

Google Marketing Puts Your Business on Roll

Google marketing is a great opportunity for businesses that want to raise brand awareness and increase the number of customers they buy from.

Google offers advertising channels to suit every need, from which we choose the ad types that best serve your business.