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Updated 6.5.2022


Business ID: 2859693-4
Contact person: Otso Viiskanta
Phone: 041 498 9805
Email: asiakaspalvelu@metsosivut.fi
Register name: Asiakasrekisteri

Personal information is used for the following purposes

Information content of the register

Customers and potential customers.

The following information is collected and stored:

Location of personal data:

Personal data will be stored inside and outside the EU / EEA in countries with adequate data protection as defined by the European Commission. For the United States, the transmission path is protected by the Standard Contractual Clauses (CSS) policy adopted by the European Commission.

Registry security principles

Only those persons who need information in the course of their work have access to the register.
The information is confidential and is stored in a database that can only be accessed by the registrar.
The customer has the right to check the information about him in the customer register. If the customer wishes to exercise his right of inspection, he must send a personally signed request for inspection.

Retention period of personal data

The information is retained for as long as it is necessary to maintain the customer relationship. In addition, we retain customer data after the end of the customer relationship for marketing purposes, where the data retention period is a maximum of two (2) years.

Method of destruction of personal data

After the termination of the customer relationship, the information will be retained for further marketing purposes for two (2) years, after which it will be deleted from the files.
Data collected for marketing purposes will be deleted once a year (end of December) once the two-year retention period has expired.

Rights of members of the register

The right to review your information and notify you of any changes.
The right to prohibit the use of data for direct marketing.
The right to prohibit the controller from processing personal data
The ban can be made by sending a written request by e-mail to: asiakaspalvelu@metsosivut.fi

Regular data sources:

During the customer relationship, personal data is collected when using the metsosivut.fi website or other services of Metsosivut or in any other way directly from the registrant.

Disclosure of information

The information may be disclosed to third parties in matters related to accounting, taxation, collection and invoicing, as well as when required by Finnish or EU legislation.

Processing agreements have been concluded for the processing of personal data for all sub-processors.

The service providers we use (Proton Technologies AG, Pipedrive OÜ, Leadventure Oy, Google, A2 Hosting, Hostaan Oy, Seravo Oy, Automattic Inc, DNA Oyj) comply with data protection legislation.

Data transfer outside the EU / EEA

The information may be disclosed outside the European Union or the European Economic Area in the case of a project in which a non-EU party is involved and the disclosure of the information to that party is essential for the implementation of the project.

Problem situations, procedures and responsibilities

Unless otherwise agreed, each party involved in the processing of data shall be responsible for ensuring that the data is not associated with false persons, is lost, altered or disclosed to persons to whom it does not belong. The registrar shall maintain the level of the information system, the training of its staff, the processing of the data and the security of the information in such a way as to prevent problems as far as possible.
The party in whose area of ​​responsibility the cause of the problem has occurred shall take remedial action within the means reasonably available to it.