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website price calculator 2024

What Does a WordPress Website Cost
This Price Calculator Tells You an Estimate How Much

How Does the Website Price Calculator Work?

The website price calculator calculates the price for a website built with WordPress content management system using product theme, or by coding custom theme from scratch.

The above form will also send the price calculator information. The price given by the calculator is indicative. The offer may be slightly higher or lower. WordPress websites are always a case-by-case project and what works for one site may not work for another. If your site requires features that are not included in the price calculator, please mention them on the form above.

Based on the given information we'll set up the best possible solution for you. You will receive the answer within one business day.


The form above also sends the information entered into the price calculator.

Website Pricing

WordPress website package prices for the year 2024.

WordPress Websitewith Kadence Theme


CustomWordPress Website


  • Own custom made theme
  • Optimized user experience
  • Layout design using the Figma before building the site
  • Custom blocks in the WordPress block editor
  • 10 pages
  • Secured website protection
  • Contact forms
  • SEO add-on settings
  • Level A accessibility

Online Store withKadence Theme


  • The price includes the manual addition of 50 products. Alternatively, products can be imported from a spreadsheet or an existing online store
  • Product filters
  • Secured website protection
  • Contact forms
  • SEO add-on settings
  • Analytics integration
  • WordPress theme: Kadence Theme
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Product Theme

Using ready made WordPress theme you get a new website or online store in low price and still implemented by professional WordPress developer. The website will be created with the tools provided by the theme in WordPress dashboard and with additional help through the child theme built alongside with the main theme. You can get a new website in just one week.

User-Centered Custom Website Boosts Your Sales

When you want the best, both visually and in terms of results and performance, the option is a customized WordPress solution. A custom-coded site sets your business apart from ordinary bulk sites.

wensite price estimate for collision repair shop website price evaluation for a wordpress site wordpress website price with product theme

The Price of WordPress Website

The price of a WordPress website on Metsosivut is mostly based on the time spent building the site. The price calculator for websites provides clear guidelines on what the site will cost. Having a pre-agreed price makes the home page project more enjoyable as you don't have to worry about unexpected additional costs around the corner.

Website Prices Vary within a Wide Range

The implementation method is a big factor in the price. When building websites, the process of creating a professional or luxury custom site takes much longer compared to using pre-made themes. When using product themes, the price can start as low as one or two thousand euros, while the price for custom made website starts from 5000 euros and above.

A Well-Implemented Website Pays for Itself Multiple Times Over

When website is made with custom made theme, the user experience and image conveyed to the customer visiting the pages is taken into account already in the design phase. When the website is enjoyable to use, visitors are more likely to browse it for longer periods and are also more likely to contact or make purchases of products and services.

Custom website is made in two work phases. First, we plan the optimization and layout of the site. In the second work phase, the site is coded and tested to be ready for use.

The price of a WordPress website is largely proportional to the results it generates, meaning that the price is an investment in the success the website produces. The website is made with your business goals in mind. I recommend detailing your goals in the message field as precisely as possible.

How WordPress Websites Are Made?

Kadence Theme

  1. Site structure and wireframing
  2. WordPress and theme installation
  3. Installing add-ons
  4. Building the website
  5. Optimization measures
  6. Inspecting and testing
  7. Launch

Custom Theme

  1. Site structure and wireframing
  2. User interface design with Figma
  3. WordPress and theme installation
  4. Installing add-ons
  5. Theme development
  6. Adding content in the WordPress admin panel
  7. Optimization measures
  8. Inspecting and testing
  9. Launch
wordpress website price calculator


Package deal negotiable for multiple website subcontracting work.
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