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Business Website with WordPress

Business Website with WordPress

Is WordPress website the right solution for your business? The site should be found on Google and preferably on the first page. And what are all the things needed for a website? Who has the experience to make good enough website? In our digitalized world website is an important tool and employee.

how to recognize good website

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I Edit My Website by Myself?

You can edit WordPress website yourself.
This is the actual purpose of using WordPress. The browser-based dashboard is really easy to use.

Metsosivut also provides help in editing and maintaining the website on request.

Is Search Engine Optimization Included?

Search engine optimization is always case-specific. We'll find out the need for SEO by examining how fierce competition your industry has on Google SERP.
Search engine optimization from Metsosivut can be a one-time project or a broader maintenance service that requires continuous development.

Do You Offer Server Space?

As a preferred option, we recommend getting server space from Hostaan or Seravo. In both cases, we will handle the order for you. The maintenance of the servers and the web hotel is a process of its own, and we leave it to service providers who focuse 100% on it.

Do You Write the Text Content?

You can get search engine optimized textual content in same package when you order website from us. Writing work is commissioned to our professional content writer partners.

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How Do You Know if a Website is Good One?

A good website accomplishes the intended task. On many business website this task is to arouse customer interest and increase in contacts. These goals are achieved by inspiring trust and answering questions that troubles the customer's mind.

Website will only be able to accomplish it's mission when customers find their way to the site. The most common ways to find the way in are Google and social media. So website needs to be easy to find in Google search results and the content needs to be interesting enough to share on social media.

Poor Website

Poor slow-loading rag-tag website can easily drive away even the last of those potential customers.

A low-quality website maybe could be used to serve an old existing customer base, or if there's no-one doing business in the same field in your village and your name is already known in your circles, then any template based business card type site could deliver the job just fine.

poor website makes sad face

If the old site isn't doing its job the way you want it to, it's worth considering whether now is a good time to get the company a new website.

Well Made Website

A well-made website will drive your business goals forward. The content and functions of the site will be selected and implemented purely in accordance with your objectives. The focus varies from site to site, depending on whether the purpose the site is to seek new contacts, product presentations, brand building, information sharing, or operate as an online store.

Technical Performance

The technical performance of a website affects the customer experience and search engine ranking. There are a variety of tools available online to test performance, such as speed tests, security tests, and SEO auditing tools.

Here are a few free tools for testing your website:

Good website is recognized by the fact that it loads quickly, feels natural to use, the information you are looking for is easy to find, and the user experience end with good feeling.

good business website sells and yields results

Website Content

The content of the website is aimed at your target audience and search engines. In terms of search engine optimization, textual content is the most important element of a website, so it is worth investing heavily in it.

There are two important goals when mapping out content. Produce content that serves your customers in the best possible way and content that helps your website rise in search engines for better rankings.

Professional Website with WordPress

Today, you can find a wide variety of website building tools from Squarespace to Webflow. These work with the SaaS (software as a service) model, where the service is wholly provided through a web browser and the sites are hosted on the service provider's servers.

WordPress content management system is open source software that is installed on the web hotel or VPS of your choice. Close comparisons for WordPress could be for example Drupal or Joomla. With WordPress, the strings are in your own hands.

WordPress has been actively developed since 2003, and new innovations and smaller updates are released in the WordPress core almost every month. Not to mention the library of tens of thousands of add-ons, which too is constantly growing and evolving.

The Number One Choice

As the world's most popular content management system, WordPress is the choice of most businesses. It allows any WordPress expert to further develop and expand the site as needed.

Many small business owners also choose to take care of the maintenance and development of the site in part or in full on their own. Information related to the use of WordPress is always available in the web.

If you have the time to maintain the site yourself, you should also check out the WordPress groups on social media. Those help you to hone your skills with the support of other WordPress website managers.

WordPress is definitely the number one choice for websites when it comes to stable functioning without restrictions. It is an easy-to-use platform for a wide range of online services. It makes it possible to implement all the features you need from an online store to a booking system and much more.

professional wordpress website


The look and feel of WordPress site depends a lot on the WordPress theme. The theme for business website should allow all the functions appropriate to the site's purpose while respecting the corporate image.

Definitely the best option is to build own custom theme from the start, where the entirety of the website is tailored to your business needs and you are sure to get really well designed site that looks good and represents your business.

Easy to Maintain

Once the brand new Wordpress site is installed, it's easy to maintain through its browser-based control panel. With Wordpress, you can freely edit the content and add new pages.

Professional Business Website Sets You Apart from Hobbyists

From Metsosivut, you get a professional website based on your company's goals. A website tailored to the corporate image is a sign of a successful business.

The custom made website is not dragged and dropped on the ready-made template or Elementor, but every detail is done carefully from the scratch. And the security, accessibility and functionality with different devices will be ensured once the project is completed.

web development with wordpress

WordPress Development

Skip the technical part

There are several ways to make a WordPress site. The most common way is to use a ready-made so called product WordPress themes and the tools provided by the theme, or a site building tool like Divi or Elementor which are installed as an add-on alongside the theme. Once the texts content have been written and the images have been selected, it is then possible to build website with a product theme in as little as one day.

There are also website building tools for WordPress that don't use any WordPress theme. For example Oxygen Builder and Bricks Builder are such site builders. The advantage of these theme free tools is fast page loading time by default provided by lightweight code in the background and freer hands to make the website look your own.

Custom Made Website

A custom-coded WordPress site does not use a ready-made theme or site building tools. Website is coded literally from scratch or built on raw starter files.

Extremely fast loading time and complete freedom in layout, detail and functionality make a custom encoded site a great option. On custom made WordPress site not only the public side is tailored. Content management in backend is also streamlined by customizing your WordPress admin panel to meet your individual needs.

Custom made WordPress site is the right solution for a company whose website is an essential part of customer acquisition or the website must accurately reproduce the corporate look.

We Focus on Quality

In Metsosivut custom made website refer to WordPress theme custom coded for the customer. The important criteria in the theme are speed optimization and security.

Content Management

With custom theme some of the content management can be done in the same way in the WordPress block editor as with the product themes, but the best part about the custom site's admin panel is the clear text and image fields without any extra hassle and there is no fear of accidentally breaking the edited page.

We do not use Elementor or similar third party site builders. These add unnecessarily moving parts and potential bugs and vulnerabilities with updates to the builder and related add-ons.


Barrier-free internet use has been talked about much in recent years. The aim is to steer the Internet in a more accessible direction, where websites are accessible regardless of disabilities and no one is excluded from the web.

Site Security

WordPress websites are known to be heavily bombarded by hacker bots. Secure use of WordPress requires a little extra effort to achieve an adequate level of security.

If the security of the website is not in order and ones website is successfully hacked, in the worst case, the site may have to be rebuilt almost completely. All risk factors should be minimized. There are countless cases where customers end up in completely wrong address from Google search when a malicious code is implanted on a site to direct visitors to the dark side of the internet. Especially if the site handles customer information, security is crucially important to be in shape.


Site speed is always at the top of the list. Slow-loading websites become expensive by driving away customers and dropping pages in Google search results behind faster-loading competitors.

The cleanest way to ensure fast WordPress site is to code it without extra add-ons or product theme tools.

WordPress Product Themes

In addition to custom made websites, we also make product theme sites. From traditional WordPress themes Kadence Theme is the main choise due to years experience and trying out different themes. Important criteria are download speed and usability.

Kadence Theme

Kadence Theme loads fast and is well suited for crafting with child theme. Site editing is largely based on WordPress block editor's blocks. Kadence Theme is a good choice when the site needs to be finished in a fast schedule or the website budget is little bit smaller.

Business website site using a product theme as a basis is a perfectly valid implementation method. Kadence Theme adheres to accessibility standards to a great extent and the loading speed is better compared to page builders such as Elementor.

How Product Theme Differs from Custom Made Theme?

With product themes, the end result depends on how well the theme is coded and whether it is filled with page-load-slowing features, of which only some are in use anyway on the site.

Product themes tend to produce longer code due to the way the editors and side builders operate. This can be fixed with an speed optimization add-on that merges and compresses the files smaller, but the end result is still heavier than custom-coded theme.

Custom theme can be built completely according to the needs of the business without any additional slowing elements. Through the custom coded process, you also gets every function and part to be included exactly as you want.

How to find out if a WordPress site is custom made or built with product theme?

An easy way to find it out is by looking the name of the WordPress theme from the source code.

Go to the site you want to check and press Ctrl + U and Ctrl + F once you are on the page source and type themes in the search box and hit enter.
On a Mac, the commands are Option + Command + U and Command + F.

Answer: ../themes/(name of the theme)/..

WordPress Plugins

WordPress websites almost always contain a few plugins. WordPress plugins make it easy to get functionality to your site without much coding. There is a huge amount of different plugins with which you can add new features on your site. You can install them in the control panel with two clicks. WordPress plugins should be carefully selected though and only install the essential ones. Poorly implemented plugins or a large number of them can slow down the performance of your site for both the public and the dashboard.

More lightweight way to add functionality to your site is by purely coding. It is possible to replace many plugins with a few lines of PHP code in the theme functions file, with JavaScript, or by editing the server configuration file.

Updating Plugins

Plugin updates should also be kept up-to-date due to keeping their functionality and security intact. You can usually upgrade as soon as a new version is released. When updating WordPress plugins, it's important to remember to make sure there are no bugs in the new version.

The easiest and most stress-free solution is to outsource the updates to either the website creator or the server space provider.

Website that Meets Your Requirements

Your website is an important first contact to your services and it helps you build trust for future customer relationships. When you order a Wordpress site from Metsosivut, you get a site that fully meets the requirements and you can be sure that it will work as steadily as it should.

Websites We Make Always Include:

What They Do Not Include:

Initial Research and Planning

In the first phase of the website project, we put on paper what situation we are going to start with and where we are going to end up. Preparing and making a plan before building website will make sure the project parties are on the same page as the project progresses.

Content Preparation and Prototyping

The textual and pictorial material for the website is provided either by the client or included in the project. When the texts are submitted by us, search engine optimization has been taken into account on them.

The custom made websites are prototyped with the user interface design tool called Figma. The prototype is going to be perfected and approved with the client before proceeding with coding.

Building the Website

Custom Made Site

The work is done in 1-4 week sprints, between which we together check the progress of the project. Building a business website usually takes two weeks to three months. Custom theme is coded from scratch from the beginning.

Product Theme Site

Product theme websites are mainly made in the WordPress admin panel. Fixes on layout, small customizations and more special functions are accomplished with the help of a child theme built alongside of the main theme. It takes up to a few days to a couple of months to build with a product theme extended with child theme.

Final Inspection and Completion of the Project

The completed website will be carefully reviewed and tested on various devices and operating systems. In addition, we ensure that browsing is works smoothly using a screen reader and keyboard.

After testing, we will jointly accept the project as completed and the website will be installed on the server.

Using WordPress dashboard doesn't include magic tricks, but in any case, we'll get you started using WordPress once the site is ready and running.

Product Theme

From 1500€
  • For small-scale business
  • WordPress theme: Easy to use Kadence Theme.

Own Look

From 5400€
  • Professional Business Website
  • Custom coded
  • Loads very fast

Service-focused Website Agency

Metsosivut operates from Jyväskylä Finland and the service covers remotely the whole area of Finland and also the outsides of Finland. Customer service will work also with the future development and maintenance.

Whether you are just starting out or want to get ahead of the competition, Metsosivut takes care of your website project based on your company's situation and needs. Feel free to contact us to discuss more.

Website at a Reasonable Price:

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