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Search Engine Optimization

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How to Increase Website Visibility on Google?

Google visibility can be increased by producing the right kind of content, getting backlinks from reputable sites, and keeping your pages up to speed and usable.

SEO Audit

An SEO audit is akin to a car inspection. It evaluates the technical health of the pages, checks the integrity of backlinks, and identifies any other areas in need of improvement.

So SEO auditing is done for sites that have been running for a while. The result of the audit is a report from which the site owner and the search engine optimization administrator can draw conclusions in which direction the search engine optimization will be developed next.

The Cost of Search Engine Optimization

At its cheapest, Search Engine Optimization only includes the settings for the WordPress SEO plugin. Gradually adding more features like keyword research and drawing up titles, meta descriptions, and URL structure. These are available for a few hundred euros.

The four-figure league is achieved by including content production, backlink acquisition, search engine optimization strategy and competitor analysis.

Search Engine Optimization from Metsosivut:

Mapping and recommendationsFrom 400€
One-time payment for search engine optimizationFrom 2800€
Maintenance of search engine optimizationFrom 800€/kk

DIY or Outsourced SEO Optimization?

Light DIY (Do It Yourself) search engine optimization and analytics tracking might be a reasonable solution initially if the company’s budget doesn’t yet allow for purchasing SEO as a service. It’s important that you keep collecting visitor data that can be utilized in creating your SEO strategy and content writing.

Search Engine Optimization as a Service

When transitioning to an outsourced search engine optimization service, it can lead to a noticeable enhancement of the website’s reputation in the eyes of Google’s algorithms.

Effective search engine optimization hinges on two crucial elements: compelling content and backlinks from other websites.

Search Engine Visibility to a New Level

With the right budget, reaching the top five in Google search results is achievable, even in highly competitive scenarios.

SEO for New Websites

For my website and ecommerce customers, basic-level search engine optimization is included in the website price by default, which includes search engine optimization settings made with the SEOPress Pro plugin. In addition, you can ask for a quote on creating search engine optimized content and monthly search engine optimization services.