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Woo Online Store

Nowadays, shopping takes place online, and instead of a storefront, an internet connection and a device in your pocket are enough to open a shop. But what is the most suitable e-commerce platform?

setting up own e-commerce site with woocommerce and wordpress
woo agency

Setting up an online store is not as difficult or expensive as you might think. It's even easy to set up on your own. There are myriads of different platforms available for this, the most popular being Woo and Shopify.

When you need to find a skilled online store creator and want to know how much the cost of setting up an online store is, just ask for a quote. You will receive a detailed response within one business day.
Price starting from 2200€

online store implementation method

Implementation Approach

Affordable WooCommerce online store built on the versatile Kadence WordPress theme, or opt for a unique, custom-coded theme to give your store a personalized touch.

online store maintenance

Maintenance Service

Choose between convenient self-management for technical upkeep or entrust the maintenance work to a seasoned WordPress professional, like Metsosivut.

woocommerce payment gateways

Payment Gateway

Options include Paytrail, Visma Pay, Klarna, BlueCommerce, Stripe, PayPal, or SVEA Payments.

woocommerce pos

POS Systems and Payment Terminals

Options include e-kassa, Erply, Slotti, or Zettle.

woocommerce plugins


A library of tens of thousands of plugins, where you can find functionalities for every type of online store.

guidance for using WooCommerce

Assisted Launch

Once your online store is built, you will receive onboarding training through a video conference and guidelines in a PDF format.

What Woo Costs?

How much does it cost to set up an e-commerce with the Woo platform running within WordPress?

WooCommerce is Woo's free add-on that can be installed on WordPress site. There are no commissions or monthly fees for using WooCommerce itself.

The paid aspect will appear when you purchase paid add-ons on the side of WooCommerce to bring additional features to your online store. The price of Woo online store is still very reasonable, even at its most versatile.

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what woo ecommerce costs

Why Is Woo the Best E-commerce Platform?

Is it worth doing a Woo online store when it's possible to set up a store with Holvi or Shopify as a SaaS service and not cost much? Choosing the right platform for your e-commerce is an important decision. The wrong choice can lead to additional costs if you later have to switch to another e-commerce platform.

Woo is a good option because it is suitable for running both large and small stores. For small online stores, Woo is a great platform with ready-made themes and easy-to-use add-ons. These features make it very user-friendly for those with no coding experience. Everyone can use the WordPress admin panel.

As the Woo online store grows larger, it is possible to scale up to a modular headless solution.

With Woo, your website and online store are conveniently located on the same domain, and it's easy to expand your site's features with a blog or for example online courses.

The layout, structure, and functions of Woo are freely customizable.

Using WooCommerce the online store is your property and the data of the online store is securely on its own server space within the EU borders.

Yes indeed. Woo is still the best e-commerce platform in the world.

best e-commerce platform

How to Set Up an Woo Store?

The first step in setting up an Woo online store is to design the structure, user experience and visual look of the store. By no means do you want to be the less approachable option when your customer is comparing which store to make a purchase from. A professionally made online store is pleasant and easy to use in all respects and the customer can find all the information they are looking for quickly.

As part of preparations, it's also a good idea to plan for search engine optimization and conversion optimization. Search engine optimization and conversion optimization are processes that continue throughout the life of an e-commerce site and investing in them is one of the most profitable investments an e-commerce business can make.

WooCommerce is installed inside WordPress site and you need server space to install WordPress. For online stores, we recommend Seravo , as they have server space that scales to the peaks in online traffic, the servers are super fast and Seravo also has WordPress expertise.

Mushrooms Grow in the Rain and Online Stores Grow Online

Setting up a Woo online store can at it's best be a quick and inexpensive step. Nevertheless, an important point when setting up an e-commerce site is to calculate and carefully consider whether it is worth it. There are really a lot of online stores being set up today, and before you start setting up a new store, it's a good idea to find out about the market situation in your industry.

On the plus side there was the rapid growth in online shopping during the pandemic restrictions. And experts predict that this growth will become permanent. In general, we are now living the unseen golden age of e-commerce. If you already have a successful storefront and are considering setting up an online store alongside it, you're probably on the right track.

Prepare for the competition

An online business needs to be prepared for competition and even price competition. Consumers already compare products and prices on Google search before they end up clicking through to any site. Business can easily get stuck if not all means of digital marketing are harnessed.

How To Make E-commerce Profitable?

E-commerce requires constant marketing work. The active presence on the channels favored by your customer target groups must be in order. In addition to Google, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, there are also more specialized online forums and platforms that you should take advantage of.

You can find paid the advertising option on the biggest social media platforms and search engines. It is worth using especially in the early stages when your online store is less known.

online store agency

Online Store from Metsosivut

A skilled Woo agency for e-commerce implementation. Metsosivut is an online store agency that builds Woo stores primarily on the Kadence Theme or GeneratePress WordPress themes. Product theme allows for an affordable price and the shop will be completed quickly. When you have more budget, you can also get a quote for custom coded Woo online store.

woo implementation for remonttikauppa gurus europe e-commerce with product theme custom e-commerce solution on wordpress for talisa design

The online merchant has the opportunity to enter into an personalized maintenance contract with Metsosivut. Maintenance can include for example performance monitoring, website updates and search engine optimization. You can focus on the essentials and the technology is taken care of in the background.

There are lot of things to consider when starting new e-commerce. We are happy to roll up our sleeves and start building an online store of your dreams.

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